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Apliman offers you a world of interesting and varied opportunities across the realm of telecom to enable you to feed your ambition through the right challenging experience. We are constantly seeking young, fresh blood that is capable of giving our company a new push and adding a strong surge to our constantly growing team.

A Myriad of Opportunities

We make the world your workplace by offering you a myriad of career opportunities spread throughout the AME region. These opportunities span the company’s major business from Telecom, App Devising, Marketing to customer-care, Human Resources, and Finance. And with the guidance and support of our managing team, you will definitely grow beyond your potentials. Marked by its family like atmosphere, Apliman offers you more than a job. Once you get on board, you will find yourself in a unique working environment that is open, engaging, and above all fun.

Below are the 2 positions that need to be filled at Apliman.

Sales Executive Solution Architect

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