Executive Profiles

Tarek Itani

Tarek Itani

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Rabie Al Masri

Rabie Al Masri

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Karim Kobrosly

Karim Kobrosly
Chief Software Architect

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Izzat Halwani

Izzat Halwani
Sales Director

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Elie Fares

Elie Fares
Implementation & Support Director

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Fatima Shatila

Fatima Shatila
Development Manager

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Tarek Itani - CEO

We lead by commitment and innovation!

Pioneer, ambitious, and creative thinker, Tarek Itani, the company’s founder and CEO, is one of the key visionaries at the company. Along with a team of experts, Itani strives to keep Apliman as a market leader in the AME region and other selected markets around the world through a clear commitment to provide efficient, effective telecom solutions and services in order to enable subscribers to communicate more and better. 

Itani holds a BSEE in Engineering from AUB and MSEE in Telecommunication from University of Texas of Dallas. Prior to joining Apliman, he held a position as a Lead Engineer at Intervoice, where he was awarded multiple patents in the fields of digital voice and signal processing.

He enjoys an extensive experience in the fields of IT and telecommunications. Itani founded Oxycom Communications in 1990 – which then evolved into Apliman.  As the present CEO of Apliman, Itani couples his wide experience with sound management and solid leadership, which enable him and his team to bring Apliman to the forefront of carrier-grade telecom solutions.  Being an intuitive businessman, Itani currently also chairs the board of ApliMedia.

Rabie Al Masri - COO

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Driven by passion and enthusiasm, Rabih Al Masri brought with him a surge of new blood upon joining Apliman in 2003. With an unwavering aim to widen the scope of business and a continuous focus on team-building, Rabie succeeded in creating a dynamic atmosphere within the company.

Rabie holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from AUB, which he reinforced with an impressive 16 years of experience in the fields of marketing and telecom.

He is known for his tireless devotion to broaden the connection in the telecom world through innovation and motivation, which he constantly manifests through his shrewd administration and team leadership.  With his key sense of business and strategy, Rabie grew the company and launched an innovative and revolutionary company – ApliMedia – as Apliman’s sister company.

In his present role as the COO, Rabie Al-Masri is responsible for leading the strategy, development, and execution of all Apliman’s day-to-day activities, responsibilities, as well as the company’s policies.

Karim Kobrosly - Chief Software Architect

Apliman: amazing culture, great products and exceptional customer support!

Focused on creating an amazing culture and innovative products while relying on exceptional customer support, Karim Kobrosly has been contributing highly to Apliman’s success.

Kobrosly holds a Bachelor degree in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut and an MBA from Beirut Arab University, and he serves as one of the pillars at Apliman.

He has helped construct the main products of the company and Apliman’s Studio. Kobrosly has also worked on the design and development of a portfolio of projects including the latest, AlloWi project.

Mr. Kobrosly brings in more than 16 years of experience in the field of telecom, software technologies, software architecture, and management. Since joining Apliman in 2000, he has held a number of key of positions from Software Engineering all the way to Head of Research and Development. He presently holds the position as the Chief Software Architect.

Izzat Halwani - Sales Director

We grow beyond!

Dynamic and devoted with unwavering aim to push Apliman to new heights, Izzat Halwani, the company’s Sales Director is committed to position Apliman’s developmental strategy in the lead.

Within his capacity, Halwani supervises Apliman’s sales team, manages the sales strategy, and business development for the company. He is in charge of setting the strategy and expansion plans as well as seeking cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets.

Mr. Halwani holds a graduate degree in Computer and Communication Engineering – as well as a Master of Science in Computer and Communication Engineering – from AUL. In 2006, Mr. Halwani joined the Apliman team as a Technical Support Engineer, spearheading several projects in Africa – including the development and implementation of solutions.  He quickly moved up the ladder as a Presales Engineer – handling the technical part of sales – then as Account Manager and finally as Sales Director

He brings to his role an experience in sales management – as well as technical support - and devising sales strategies, which enable him to seek out promising markets as well as fortify Apliman’s position in the existing ones.

Elie Fares - Implementation & Support Director

Innovate to motivate!

Highly driven and extremely motivated, Elie Fares, exerts all efforts to innovate the products and services at Apliman.

Fares enjoys a variety of advanced skills in technology, which enable him to be one of the key leaders at Apliman.  Through his role, as Head of Implementation and Support Department, he is responsible for project planning, technical support, quality assurance and quality control team.

Upon graduating in 2001, Mr. Fares joined Apliman and worked on managing Implementation and Support departments, coordinating the flow of work among different divisions at Apliman, in addition to fulfilling the creation and implementation of a wide range of products and services.

He aims at developing a mature line of products that is quite reflective of Apliman’s extensive services. This step will ensure the widening the scope of business and increasing Apliman’s client base.

Fatima Shatila - Development Manager

Dedication is our mission!

Fully dedicated to team development, Fatima Shatila, Apliman’s Development Manager, plays one of the key roles at the company, fulfilling one of the key missions to provide outstanding telecommunication services to operators in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.

As a holder of Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Beirut Arab University and an MBA from Lebanese American University, Ms. Shatila brings in a focused experience in the field of telecom and software development.

She joined Apliman as a software engineer in 2004 and grew to become the company’s Development Manager as of 2010.

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