About Us

Marked by excellence, innovation, and connectivity, Apliman has grown rapidly to become the leading provider of carrier-grade telecom solutions in the Middle East and Africa since its inception in 1990. With its breakthrough technology and expansive portfolio that includes a suite of innovative services and productized solutions, Apliman has gained an extensive market outreach forming various partnerships throughout the AME region – including global agreements with top mobile groups. This impressive growth is attributed to Apliman’s sound management and prudent strategy that has currently gone from an extensive VAS portfolio into the direction of big data and analytics as well as mobile apps devising. Apliman attends carefully to the eclectic needs of its growing and diversified client base. Through timely delivery and limitless support, Apliman has successfully created increased subscriber loyalty across different fields, and it aims to proceed with this unmitigated dedication to meet its clients’ expectations.

A Portfolio Of Excellence

Striving to meet the needs of new and returning customers, Apliman expanded its portfolio to cover a wider range of telecom solutions. Apliman’s comprehensive product portfolio innovatively addresses the following domains: VAS, IVR, Social Network Analysis, Loyalty Management, Mobile Money, Roaming, and IP Roaming. With this steadfast novelty, Apliman has become the leader of innovation in the world of telecom.


Mission & Vision

With a bespoke package of solutions, tailored to meet our growing client base needs and enrich our customers’ experience, Apliman aims to remain at the forefront of telecom providers in the AME region maintaining a leading position in markets, where we are currently present.
Apliman recognizes its vital role in the community. Therefore, it intends to create a more conscious and humane corporation by implementing a solid CSR policy to sponsor charity and fundraising events and implement green policies.
As an ambitious company, we aspire to set new standards in communication and keep on seeking innovation and development. We aim to establish presence in new markets,
hire new talents, and connect with a wider base of international clients. We also intend to consolidate our presence in Africa, Middle East, and the rest of Asia; penetrate new MNO; and improve the financial position of the company in the international market. With this vision, we will continue to embrace growth and innovation at various levels and in numerous ways


Productivity, improvement, efficiency, and availability are the four pillars upon which Apliman is founded. These ideals lie at the heart of every operation we execute and every solution we offer. With its innovative products and myriad of solutions, Apliman offers its customers the best tailor-made services. Our continuous effort to create full-featured and well-tested innovative productsserves as the ground base for Apliman’s productivity and improvement.

In its turn, our team is always available to extend help and carry out all sorts of customized services efficiently and professionally. We, at Apliman, employ every effort to ensure our client’s satisfaction. We cater our solutions to our customer’s precise requirements while carefully attending to every detail. 


Our aim is to help you unlock the full potential of the mobile channel.
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