About IVR

Designed with limitless flexibility and enhanced value added services, Apliman’s IVR is an expert system that enables interactive communication using a variety of applications. 

Its open interface perfectly caters to every single industry from telecom, health, banking to advertising, legal, and many more. The system’s architecture is designed to gather information from callers through touch tone entries or voice recognition, whereby callers will be connected by simply saying the service’s name. Information is then relayed to callers through Text2speech technology or pre-recorded responses.

Apliman’s IVR system is operated in an easy service creation environment with Application Generator. Data can be read from emails, SMSs, or other gateways that provide full connectivity to all network elements (HLR, VLR, Billing, SMSC, MMSC, WAP, MSC, Email, RBT, Content, USSD, WEB, and more). Moreover, these gateways seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems, application, CRM software, and services. 

IVR systems are at the center of all applications now a days, and that is why Apliman offers IN IVR to recharge credit, check balance, and activate services and subscriptions, VAS IVR for services such as voting, Call & Win, Send a song, surveys, and Call Center IVR solutions which are used to receive calls on Apliman IVR before going to Call Center. This ensures that Apliman’s IVR is compatible with different fields and for different functions.

Key Benefits

- Reduce Call Center Volume.
- Efficient and Cost Effective.
- Maximize ROI in a Shorter Time Frame.
- Personalize Settings Based on User Preferences.


Key Features

- Text2Speech
Whether you are seeking weather updates, traffic reports, or sports scores, Text to Speech converts your written queries and provides
you with audible information wherever you are.

-Speech Recognition
Complete your tasks quickly and efficiently with Speech Recognition. Just say the service’s name and get connected to your desired

- Conferencing
Whether for business or pleasure, bring people together with Apliman Conferencing. You can monitor conversations and interact in
real-time with participants by using a fully visual control module.

- Statistics & Reporting
Gain insight into how customers are navigating through Apliman’s IVR system, by obtaining Call Detail Records (CDRs) and statistical
data. With Apliman’s Statistics & Reporting tool, clients can analyze the necessary data and create graphical charts, or even export
them into standard formats – including text files, Excel Sheets, and more.


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