About E-Top Up

Enhance the offer to your customers and provide competitive recharge methods both within and outside your home network with Apliman E-Top Up. Apliman E-Top Up is designed to simplify the process of distribution of physical vouchers as well as reduce the costs of card printing, transportation, and storage.

Key Benefits

- Reduce OPEX by eliminating printing, distribution, and storage of physical vouchers.

- Greater availability and accessibility of stock.

- Centralized accounting and voucher distribution systems.

- Real-time tracking and monitoring of business performance.

- Stock guarantees to retailers.

- Reduced transaction cost.

- Reduced risk of fraud and theft.

- Reach remote areas.

 E-Top Up

Key Features

- System Flexibility
Subscribers are able to top-up their accounts anytime and anywhere for the exact amount they choose - using the method they want.

- Complete Logging
Maintains complete logging of all occurring transactions for all distributor levels to allow them to keep track of all operations.

- Fraud Risk Management
All system defined accounts are password-protected using highly secured encryption algorithms. Usernames and passwords are also securely saved and encrypted in the database.

- Alarm Monitor
Monitor network connections, Internet connectivity, Database Status, and other configurable variables.


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