About Welcome SMS

Increase transparency with your customers with Apliman’s Welcome SMS. This service gives operators and service providers a competitive advantage in the telecom industry, and increases the existing and foreign subscriber loyalty. It enables you to identify when a roamer connects to or leaves a network and maintain information of roaming traffic. The service also allows subscribers to receive information about the network they have registered in, tariffs for main services in the visited network as well as access useful information about the country they are in. This system helps in collecting information about the most visited networks, thus helping marketing departments to work efficiently!

Key Benefits

- Promote Networks with Roaming Agreements.

- Informative.

- Reduces "Unintentional Calls" and "Bill Shock".

- Increases Phone Usage and Roaming Revenue.

- Easy to Bundle.

Welcome SMS

Key Features

- Customizable Messages
Customize messages by including the country name along with the name of the home operator they are from.

- Content Integration
Add information such as local weather, news, local time, and so on to the welcome message.

- Subscriber Exclusion
Allows operators and service providers to baar sending a Welcome SMS to certain subscribers.

- Dynamic Database
The system uses a database containing all significant message configuration parameters.


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