Apliman Campaign Management Apliman Campaign management system provides operator’s marketing teams with the power to design, launch, and track personalized campaigns and manage them from a simple interface. The system provides the steps needed to move towards an end-to-end understanding of how to get the right customer information, understand it, turn it into a growth-driven plan and then put that plan into action.  In short, launching any campaign has never been easier! Marketers can on the fly target different segments of customers, driving revenue and increasing customers’ return and satisfaction, all in a timely manner. From a single portal, the marketer can decide who the customers to target are, what to offer them, how to communicate with them using the channel of choice, and then put that all into action. The system also allows marketers to track and manage those campaigns in real time and take the actions that count.  Highly intelligent data analysis tools are built in to Apliman Campaign management system, thanks to Apliman’s partnership with IDIRO. Data mining and analysis using Apliman Social Networking Analysis gives operators a graphical representation describing customer interactions. Promotions can then be created, based on the results obtained This system is flawlessly able to host multiple communication gateways and integrate with all network elements, third party software and databases as well as a comprehensive set of tools to pre-record messages and defined client lists.

It is Designed to:

- Meet the needs of marketers and reduce time to market
- Seamlessly use different channels to reach customers
-Quickly create micro segments and plan their communication schemes
- Incorporate different data sources into one subscriber selection module to enrich customer targeting and personalization
- Seamlessly integrate with VAS, Charging and billing platforms and different network elements.
- Provide electronic stamping and approvals of each campaign before launching
- Track the performance of launched campaigns and manage up to hundreds simultaneously.
- Accumulate and reuse experience due to its modular design and learning cycle.
- Provide real time reporting and statistics.


How does it work ?

- Combine data and information from multiple sources and in different formats.

- Runs its algorithms on gigantic amounts of data and mines what is useful for the operator.

- Clean and remove the noisy data

- Build data marts and analytical modules

- Interrogate and deliver business intelligence.

Key Benefits of our end to end offering

Key Benefits of our end to end offering- Identifies Churn Predictions, Churn Influence Scores, as well as Churn Pressure Scores.

- Identifies Churn Predictions, Churn Influence Scores, as well as Churn Pressure Scores.

- Turns Customer Insights into a Competitive Advantage.

- Gains Exponential Growth to Unstructured Data.

- Makes Better Marketing Predictions.

- Provide recommendations on how to implement the findings.

- Track, evaluate and measure the outcome and recommend improvements.

- Seamlessly integrate with Apliman Campaign Management system to run and manage the recommendations.