Apliman's VSDP Platform Allowing operators to combine voice, messaging, and data services with easy integration and interaction is one of the biggest challenges that operators face. Apliman’s VSDP platform offers the solution, by replacing unnecessary and complicated techniques with convenient technology that allows flexible creation of menus and services using a comprehensive set of drag-n-drop icons. Operators can thereby reduce expenses and generate future revenue streams with maximum efficiency and minimal cost. Original, complex, multi-modal, and profitable services can be created and deployed across a vast number of channels without the need for advanced programming tools. Apliman's Application Generator provides all the needed icons through an easy Graphical User Interface (GUI). Moreover, the platform, which is compatible with IN and 3rd party systems, allows service provisioning to be an easy task via dedicated administrative and subscriber web interfaces. A comprehensive set of statistics and logs is available within the system, giving operators insight into every single aspect of the service, allowing them to better understand subscriber behavior. Operators will gain a competitive edge with Apliman’s SDP, with its scalable and flexible architecture that offers all resources to grow ultimately with the need, reduced integration complexity, unrivalled support, and a mature platform completely aligned with their vision and strategy.

Key Benefits

- Rapid Service Roll-out.
- Innovative Revenue Streams.
- Reduce OPEX and Investments.
- Ability to Establish a Competitive Edge.
- Increase Customer Satisfaction.


Key Features

- Multi-Service Platform

- Performance
Apliman’s VSDP Platform is designed to allow operators and service providers to achieve the diversity they are seeking.

- High Availability
The system is designed with high availability at every architecture modules to ensure that it is successfully running and is therefore reachable to subscribers.

- Flexibility
Apliman’s VSDP Platform is designed to allow the operator and service provider with maximum flexibility in order to implement improvements, upgrades, or modifications efficiently with minimum required changes. Also, adding new services to the system has never been simpler with Apliman’s ‘modular system’ design.

- Scalability & Redundancy
The system is highly scalable with nearly no upper limits on the number of machines chained together. To achieve maximum reliability, Apliman’s VSDP can operate in a fully load sharing redundant mode, consisting of two active platforms with database and file replication. In addition, the system can be easily updated and upgraded live without affecting the system performance.

- Internationalization & Language Support
The system supports various languages.