About OBD

Reach out to many customers in one single step with Apliman OBD, the automated mass calling solution.  This solution enables you to deliver a bulk of customized voice messages in one instant, all while segmenting subscriber preferences. With a dedicated web interface, our system provides the power of setting, launching, and managing a campaign or set of campaigns while keeping track of outgoing traffic.

Apliman Outbound Dialer engine collects requests from a variety of input sources such as web services or Apliman applications. Furthermore, specialized user interface supplies direct input requests to the system. All these received requests will be temporarily stored and delivered to the specified addresses at the requested time.

Apliman Outbound Dialer System has the power of creating and managing large campaigns, setting each campaign individually, and monitoring a single campaign or sets of campaigns. This helps the user to easily keep track of a large volume of outgoing traffic.

Accompanied with the uncountable features of Apliman’s graphical scripting tool, Apliman Outbound Dialer System allows its users to visually design and control the logic flow to enjoy an extremely wide variety of beneficial and profitable applications that would add to the power of their system

No matter what your industry is, Apliman OBD helps you save time, manpower, and money. It provides you with a flexible model for telemarketing purposes, reminder calls, debt collection, billing info delivery, emergency notifications and responses, political campaigns, and so on.

Key Benefits

- Gain Instant User Response.

- Personalized Messages through Inexpensive Voice Messages.

- Easily Accessible through any Handset.

- Easily Promote Products and Services.



Key Features

- Campaign Oriented
Handles large volumes of messages; instead of handling them one by one, thus easily allowing the admin to create, schedule, execute, and monitor multiple campaigns at once.

- Personalized Message Content
The system effortlessly delivers personalized content for each voice message to each subscriber. These messages can be pre-recorded or set into the database.

- Multiple Campaign
The system is capable of carrying out multiple campaigns to different segments of the subscriber base.

- Statistics & Reporting Tools
Painlessly access reports for each campaign with statistical data – such as per call info and global info, and TDRs.


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