About CRBT

Customers love personalization, and they look for it everywhere, even in their ring back tones. Allow your subscribers to set different tunes for different callers, and enjoy a high level of individuality.

Apliman CRBT provides for easy provisioning, though USSD, WEB, SMS, Voice interfaces and Apliman CRBT App, which creates a more satisfied customer base.

Many optional features are included with our RBT, enriching the service with features and functions. Reverse RBT allows subscribers to choose the tone to hear while calling others, allowing them to be entertained too while calling. AD RBT plays ads to callers, and rewards the subscriber with incentives.

Greeting RBT, loyalty programs, and other optional additions can be configured with your CRBT so you can create the service your customers are looking for. 

As an operator, Apliman CRBT provides you with subscriber, administrator, aggregator, finance, agent, customer care, and content management interfaces. Telemarketing and bulk SMS campaigns are supported too, as a channel for extra revenue.

With Apliman CRBT, you can surely brighten up your customers' experience allowing their increased loyalty and satisfaction to translate into revenues, and providing them with flexible charging.

Key Benefits

- Inventive Voice and Content Revenue Streams.

- Effective Marketing Tool.

- Flexible Charging Methods.

- Increased Loyalty.

- Build Partnerships with Content Providers.


Key Features




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