About Collect Call

Turn out-of-credit users into revenue-generating customers! Allow them to make phone calls and charge them by simply using Apliman Collect Call.

Accessed via Voice, USSD or an optional Collect Call App, Apliman Collect Call requests the called party to pay for the call upon their convenience. Subscribers also have the ability to define automatic collect calls, where collect calls requests from certain parties are automatically accepted. Poke me is an additional convenient feature that comes along with Collect Call, which notifies the called party with a missed call from the out of credit caller.

Apliman collect call is an attraction for operators’ clients, and is a powerful tool in boosting ARPU. It is a very flexible service, giving subscribers the ability to share the cost of the call between different parties or request 3rd parties to pay for the call. In addition, this product supports outbound roamers, postpaid and prepaid accounts, and notifies called parties with their Credit after call balance. As with most Apliman’s products, Apliman collect call provides complete statistical and reporting data to operators, supplying marketing teams with the data they need.

If you are looking for a product that stimulates revenue generating calls that would not have been made otherwise, then Apliman Collect call is the perfect solution!

Key Benefits

- Innovative Call Completion Revenue Streams.

- Boosts Satisfaction and Loyalty.

- Establishes a Competitive Edge.

Collect Call

Key Features

- Predefined Automatic Collect Call
Subscribers are given the freedom to define automatic collect calls from family and friends.

- White/Black Lists
Subscribers can decide which numbers to add on their personal White and Black lists.

- Call Back
The system is capable of automatically redialing a desired number.

- Multiple Notifications
The system notifies the caller if the called person is unavailable or is unable to incur the charges.


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