About Missed Call Notification

Increase call back rate drastically with Apliman’s Missed Call Notification, and allow subscribers to never miss a call again. Called parties that are busy or out of coverage will receive an SMS with complete information about missed calls, including time and date. Callers are notified with an SMS too once the called party is available with Caller MCN, enticing callers to try again.

Subscribers are given the option of recording voice messages for callers to hear when they cannot be reached, and they can opt into receiving email alerts with missed call notifications, thus guaranteeing that they never miss a call, even when disconnected. Multiple call attempts are grouped into a single message for more convenience, and the SMS format can be customizable by operators as to what they see is suitable. Apliman MCN seamlessly integrates with 3rd party systems, and allows operators to define black lists, deliver ads within the messages, and filter subscriber based on their accounts or profiles.

Operators have complete control over this service, which serves as a great channel to increase ARPU with a quick return on investment. 

Key Benefits

- Increases Revenue from Uncompleted Calls.

- Boosts Satisfaction and Loyalty.

- Pocket Receptionist.

- Compliments Voicemail.

Missed Call Notification

Key Features

- Multiple Call Attempts and SMS Format Management
The system automatically groups notifications from the same caller into one notification.

- Black Lists
Operators and service providers and able to define black lists, in which these subscribers are not allowed to use the service.

- Personalized Auto-Replies
Subscribers have the freedom to customize a general auto-reply via SMS and WEB for all missed calls.

- Advertising Capabilities
Ads can be delivered within an SMS alert in order to promote other services.


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