About Voicemail & Visual Voicemail

Apliman’s Voicemail is your fail-proof receptionist. It works 24/7 with or without incurring any extra charges, based on your needs. Characterized by high efficiency and extensive outreach, Apliman’s operator-grade system delivers all your messages even when the called party’s phone is closed or unreachable.

With its message storage, retrieval and forwarding capability, Apliman Voicemail combines ease of and versatility at optimal performance. Apliman Voicemail comes with a package of features that make customer experience more pleasant. It allows both landline and mobile phone subscribers to use voice mail, and subscribers can have more than one mailbox. The mailbox can be protected with a password and messages can be saved and retrieved in the future.

Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail is the must-have in voicemail services, since it transforms subscribers’ experience with voicemail into a very easy and quick task.

Since apps are booming, Apliman created a Voicemail app, which allows users to visually access their mailbox to play and navigate through messages, and personalize their own settings. Messages will appear in a very organized and ordered style, notifying users of new messages, and saving older ones for future retrieval.

Key Benefits

- Generate Revenue out of Uncompleted Calls.

- Personalized Greeting Messages.

- Secure.

- Compliments Missed Call Notification.

Voicemail & Visual Voicemail

Key Features

- Multiple Voicemail Boxes
Subscribers can have multiple voicemail boxes depending on the number of mobile or land lines they possess.

- Caller Direct Block
Subscribers can automatically block callers from sending them voicemail messages.

- Subscriber IVR and WEB Interfaces
Subscribers have access to their messages as well as full control over their personal settings either through IVR or a dedicated WEB interface.

- Direct Message Retrieval
Subscribers can preview all the received messages and select the message they want to listen to.


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