About SMS Direct with MT billing

Improve the quality of your service and ensure immediate message delivery with Apliman SMS Direct which delivers your messages and collects user responses without passing through the SMSC. 

Apliman SMS Direct provides you with a full-purpose web interface to create and monitor SMS campaigns. It is a system that enables you to keep track of corporate accounts and their billing lists. Audiences can be targeted directly, and your data is ensured to be sent securely.

Whether product promotions, security applications, or emergency broadcasts, Apliman SMS Direct fits all – while aiding mobile operators to make efficient use of their infrastructure. The system integrates well with other VAS solutions, which makes it ideal for service providers.


Key Benefits

- Generate New Revenue Streams.

- Reduces SMSC Load.

- Improves Quality of Service.

- Ensures Real-Time Communication.

- Solves Bulk SMS Selling and Management.

- MT Billing


SMS Direct with MT billing

Key Features

- FDA Processing
The network will deliver MO messages to online subscribers automatically – without having to process them offline in SMSC.

- Marketing Tool
Supports launching and monitoring of marketing campaigns.

- Customizable Message Content
Allows sending bulk messages to a lists of available subscribers with the ability to customize message content depending on specific preferences.

- Charging
Real-time charging for MO is mainly granted by the network and not processed in the Apliman SMS Direct engine. However, MT billing can be handled by the network or by the Apliman SMS Direct engine. Application providers can be charged for AO and AT traffic.


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