Managed Services

Increase your competitive edge and manage your VAS systems with Apliman. Now you can finally avoid unnecessary expenditures, focus on core projects, and boost your team’s productivity, all to ensure revenue enhancement and operational effectiveness. Apliman presents you with the best resources and extensive expertise to manage multi-vendor VAS environments. Whether remotely or on-site, we provide you with the support you need to meet your business requirements. Manage your VAS systems without having to recruit or train additional personnel. Just employ our Managed Services and leave the rest to us. We take full responsibility to monitor your services and maintain maximum availability to respond to your needs. Our expert team of engineers will help you save cost and time, resolving all of your technical problems. They are also ready to help out adding features to the existing services or launching new ones.

Apliman’s Managed Services are your key to optimize your performance!


Save on development team costs and get Apliman’s help until you are ready to operate. Let our team assist you leverage the full power of our products and support you in your application development. We extend every effort to provide you with applications within small time frames for rapid market deployment.

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Support & Maintenance

We are always available anytime, anywhere!
Apliman’s support system is one of the company’s cornerstones. It is the main reason for strengthening the relationship with our clients who keep coming back. We aim to enrich your experience and ensure your peace of mind through our constant availability and complete dedication. We support you in every step of the way, and we are always available to assist you with any operation, development, or implementation.
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Support Packages:

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Benefit from our training services and manage your platform smoothly. We, at Apliman, have succeeded in expanding our subscribers’ loyalty across various industries. Our sensible understanding of this diversity has enabled us to cater to our clients' differentiated needs. Hence, our loyalty has been manifested through our wide range of customized training courses that have been carefully designed to meet your core business needs.
Apliman Technologies provide training for all Apliman products. Each training course is designed and modeled specifically to meet our client’s diverse and specific business demands, leveraging the exact amount of technical skills and know-how to operate and administer the installed system.
Based on your platform, Apliman offers your team an array of customized training courses that extend beyond technical implementation to include marketing strategies, best practices, as well as case studies.

Each training course consists of:

- Administrative Training: imparts the knowledge as to how to efficiently administer and govern a myriad range of administrative models.

- Development Training: gives the client the knowledge and ability to generate and create his own applications. All tricks and tips of the trade are given to the trainee to help him maximize the usage of Apliman's products.

- Marketing Training: instills best practices onto the trainees; educates on methods of engagement with customers, as well as market analysis and evaluations.

Additional training is added as a sub-part of the core training program.

This supplementary training looks into a specific Apliman service and passes on the necessary knowledge to manage and fully control the application. We also provide training during the one-month system management period. During this phase, we exert adequate effort to transfer any information needed for the professional application building. We also provide all information needed in order to put an application on line. Custom training can be given upon request at either Apliman Technologies premises or the client’s.


Our aim is to help you unlock the full potential of the mobile channel.
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